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Hempress Rising is a grassroots cannabis business. Our namesake pays homage to the healing and nurturing female energy of the flowering hemp/cannabis plant, as well as her ‘rise’ and reintegration into today’s society. Ancient civilisations documented hemp/cannabis goddesses who were honoured as protectors and vital keepers of wisdom. The cannabis industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, and female led business has increased too- the Hempress is truly Rising!




Organic wellbeing products infused with CBD, Hempress Rising is a grassroots cannabis collective that aims to supplement diet and boost health through nutrition and natural plant based ingredients.


As well as being the producers of cannabinoid infused raw cacao chocolate, we offer bespoke hemp and CBD creations to suit any requirements.


For all enquiries please contact us here:





We use only the best organic ingredients, and whole-plant full-spectrum CBD oil from CO2 extraction. By using only organic plant based ingredients and no refined sugars our ethos is to make all products completely non-toxic and patient friendly.


All of our products are hand-made and wrapped by our small team of humans that really care about the products and the people consuming them.




Promoting health and wellbeing in a way that is enjoyable is important to us, and we believe that positive social and environmental change is possible through grassroots movement. The Hempress Rising team have benefitted from using CBD and hemp themselves for many years as well as having countless testimonials to the incredible synergy that this wonder plant has with the human body. We are here to pay forward our knowledge and experience through products and education and understand all too well that maintaining wellbeing can sometimes be a difficult feat. For this reason we aim to create an experience that feels like a treat as well as being beneficial to health.




Promoting wellness through natural products that are cruelty free and ethically made with minimum impact on the environment- we use sustainably sourced organic plant based ingredients and never animal derived products or byproducts, making us naturally vegan friendly. Continuing with the theme of minimising our impact on the environment Hempress Rising uses only compostable packaging and reduces excess packaging wherever possible, whilst protecting the quality and standard of our products.




Early in 2018 Hempress Rising was founded by Jade - grassroots cannabis activist, advocate, patient, and aspiring vegan food entrepreneur. From instigating hemp pop-ups and attending many grassroots events, as well as collaborating with other well respected industry businesses and gaining customers and advocates simply through word of mouth and community. Product and event popularity has grown and particularly the organic CBD chocolate has become somewhat famous in it’s own right! As organically as the treats we create an amazing team of humans began to come together early 2020, all of whom have needed and benefited from CBD. The team understands from their experiences how CBD can help to promote wellness and everyone is extremely passionate about the project and commitment to paying forward knowledge and wellbeing.

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